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MainLobby 3 / MLServer 3 Combo
MusicLobby 3.75
MLDMR (Digital Media Recognition) 1 Yr Subscription
MLServer 3 (Extra 5 Client License Pack)
GuiGraphix Library 0030 - Koa, Banff, Sonora and Vineyard
GuiGraphix Library 0028 - Gallery (Full Version)
VideoStorm HDTV 16x16 Matrix Switcher (CMX1616V)
VideoStorm Audio 16x16 Matrix Switcher (CMX1616A)
VideoStorm HDTV 8x8 Matrix Switcher (CMX88)
VideoStorm HDTV 8x6 Matrix Switcher (CMX86)
VideoStorm HDTV 8x4 Matrix Switcher (CMX84)
VideoStorm HDTV 6x4 Matrix Switcher (CMX64)
VideoStorm HDTV 4x4 Matrix Switcher (CMX44)
Monster Cinemar Package - Includes:

* MainLobby 3
* MLServer 3
* DVDLobby Pro 3.90
* MusicLobby 3.75
* WeatherLobby 3.90
* WebLobby 3
* XMLobby
* GuiGraphix: Library0019
* GuiGraphix: Library0014
* GuiGraphix: Library0017
* GuiGraphix: Home and Media
* GuiGraphix: Thermostat
* GuiGraphix: Security
* GuiGraphix: Network Logos
* GuiGraphix: XM Logos

Cinemar Automates ESPN Studio 1

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, 10/25/2010 – Cinemar, Inc., a leading provider of affordable home automation and media management solutions since 2002, recently finished up a project for ESPN which incorporated Cinemar's flagship products: MainLobby and MLServer in conjunction with custom hardware and programming. ESPN had used Cinemar inhouse in the past for another project but was looking to automate a much bigger Studio that was nearing construction completion.

Automating Studio 1
ESPN staff can now operate all the studio, set and talent montiors from a central 15" Cinemar touch screen. 18 monitors are being controlled by Cinemar's user interface including a 103" Panasonic Plasma and a 70" touch screen. "This eliminates the need for ESPN staff to grab remotes for every monitor when it's time to power on or off all of them. A single click turns everything on or off," stated Cinemar President, Mario Cascio.

Other features include 99 favorites displayed on a single-screen for quick access to all channels. This screen is especially important during live productions. A remote control screen operates channel, volume and menu operations for all capable monitors. Cinemar was informed that most shows on ESPNU are filmed in Studio 1. Cinemar and ESPN are discussing other automation projects for the near future.


For more information about this project and Cinemar products, please visit the Cinemar website or call them directly at 262-859-2666.

About Cinemar, Inc.
Cinemar, Inc. offers home automation and media management solutions to the budget conscious. Cinemar's affordable and easy-to-use Windows based products control multiple systems from a single customizable interface. Visit www.cinemaronline.com for more information.