Cinemar now offers our second generation MLServer Controllers preloaded with all of our popular MainLobby 3 suite software to make it super easy to experience the best in home automation and media control. Purchasing this turn key setup can save time installing and configuring the huge assortment of included software.

Add the Samsung Q1 UMPC with the MainLobby Client software and enjoy wireless touchscreen control over your new home control server platform - right out of the box!

All of the server hardware components were hand picked for speed, reliability, low noise, value, good looks and compatibility with Cinemar software. Cinemar server components are also Intel Viiv compatible.

Based around the Silverstone LC20 chassis (black), each of the servers can be used as a desktop PC or can be installed in an equipment rack with the included 4U adapter kit. Our servers are setup with Raid 1 hard drives for prevention against data loss in case of a hard drive failure.

Introducing the E6400. Designed for excellent performance and reliability as a MainLobby Server Controller.

Music: The E6400 is perfect for use as a multi zone audio server with it's twin 330 gig Raid 1 hard drives for lots of backed up music storage. Add a few AMP152 audio amplifier cards, and the E6400 easily connects to your home's speakers creating a complete multi zone audio system at an unheard of price for this capability and performance. You can also feed a Nuvo, Russound or Netstreams whole house audio system by connecting the E6400 sound card outputs to your audio distribution system.

Movies: You can also playback hard drive based DVD movies with the included and setup TheaterTek software DVD player and DVDLobby Pro 3 movie catalog system. Support for the 400 disk Sony CX777ES DVD changer is also included for Disk based movie automation. Your family won't need to know where the movie is stored. MainLobby makes your Theater easy to use by anyone.

Automation: Add the USBIR6 for 6 zone IR support. The software is also preset and ready for the Global Cache (for remote IR support). The E6400 includes support for up to 6 RS232 devices. Add CallerID by purchasing a NetCaller ID hardware and plugin. Choose from the many lighting, security, irrigation plugins available for complete home automation.

The E6400 is prepared for multiple client PC connections. Will work perfectly with Cinemar's new UTMA technology In-Wall Touchscreens (available soon). With the E6400's motherboard based VGA output and the presetup MainLobby client software load, you can use these servers as high performance client PCs as well.

Boasting the latest 2 Core Intel processor and 2 Gig of dual channel OCZ RAM, the E6400 can handle whole house automation in stride. The latest 2 Core Duo processor is faster, more energy efficient and runs cooler (which also means can run quieter) than the prior Dual Core or AMD processors. The Cinemar E6400 also is excellent as a Home Theater PC (HTPC). For PC Gaming, or to further increase the video capability, purchase the optional ATI X800 video PCi video card for excellent video performance. This All in Wonder card also works well with Cinemar's new MLMediaStream plugin to stream captured video to other PCs. The E6400 includes Intel's latest Viiv 2Core ATX motherboard for expandability and performance.

  E6400 Specifications
Intel E6400 2 Core Dual Processor 2.13 GHz Procssor
Two 330 gig Western hard drives (Raid 1)
Silverstone 500 Watt power supply
Silverstone SST Fanless CPU cooler
MCE2005 operating system
Intel ATX MB w VGA output
Six RS232 PCI serial port adapter
Sony DVD drive
Silverstone LC20 chassis
Silverstone Rack Handle kit
Optional ATI AIW X800 PCi video card
Cinemar Server Software preinstalled (see below)
  Server Software Suite
MainLobby 3 Client
MainLobby 3 Server (5 client license)
MusicLobby 3 (3 zone)
J River Media Center 11.1
DVDLobby Pro 3
WeatherLobby 3
TVLobby 3
Network Logos
GuiGrapix Library 0014
GuiGraphix Library 0017
GuiGraphix Security Library
GuiGraphix Thermostat Library
GuiGraphix Home and Media Library
MLTheaterTek Plugin
TheaterTek 2.3 w/ audio pack
Global Cache Plugin
Sony CX777ES Plugin
Girder Plugin
Horoscope Lookup Plugin
Investment Stock Lookup Plugin
Caller ID Plugin
MLLyrics Music Lyrics Lookup Plugin

Note: due to the volatility of the PC component market, and to keep up with ever changing PC technology, Cinemar reserves the right to exchange components for like kind replacement without notice. Cinemar server components are warranted by the original respective component hardware manufacturers.

Custom Servers and PC setups are available upon request including XP embedded w/ CF card support.


E6400 MLServer Controller
Price: US $2999.99E6400 MLServer X300AIW graphics card upgrade
Price: US $249.99